About Us

Our Story

Minesound Ltd., founded in 2022, was born out of a vision to redefine the world of geophysical exploration. Aimin Xue, the visionary behind this project, recognized the untapped potential of the passive seismic frequency resonance exploration technology (SRT) and committed to harnessing this pioneering technology.

We began as a compact team of passionate individuals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of conventional exploration techniques. Despite our small size, we have not limited our aspirations and are focused on making a meaningful impact on the industry.

Our Team

At Minesound Ltd., we believe in being multifaceted and adaptable. Our team, though lean, brings a wealth of industry knowledge and technical expertise to the table.

Our operational lead, Mr. Ruqing Chen, is an experienced geoscientist, with a vast array of skills and understanding of geophysical technology that is the driving force behind our operations. His hands-on experience and expertise in predicting blinded metallic orebodies have paved the way for innovative solutions in the field. He is a multitasker, juggling roles from writing technical reports, conducting field research, liaising with potential investors, to managing practical aspects of our daily operations. His all-hands-on-deck approach embodies our commitment to agility and adaptability.

Informed by our founder’s background in engineering and geophysics, we are continuously refining our unique technology, striving to set new standards in geophysical exploration.

Our Expertise

Our competitive edge lies in the SRT, a proprietary technology that is poised to transform exploration techniques. Guided by Mr. Chen’s broad skill set and hands-on approach, we are committed to bringing our innovative technology to the forefront of the geophysical exploration industry.

Our Values

At Minesound Ltd., we stand by our core principles:

Our Vision

Our aim is to become a game-changer in geophysical exploration, making subsurface data more accessible and actionable globally. We are still at the outset of our journey, but our resolution to grow, improve, and leave our mark on the field is unwavering.

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